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10/09/2018 10:51 am  #1

In Season Drills

What are your go-to "everyday" drills in season?

Boards, Chutes, Etc. 

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10/10/2018 5:01 pm  #2

Re: In Season Drills

I don't use chutes, but set up a series of 12 cones. I'll see if I can replicate one side here, and the other side is mirrored:               x
                                x       x       x
                         x                                 x
P represents the player start point. They work their drive/catch off of one knee on all three of the first-level angles, and then for the kick out and skip pull blocks, they work those from the other side. Then they go through again from their stance. Takes about 6 minutes for the whole group to go through.


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